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Due to ongoing health issues it has come time for us to look at handing over BMX Edge to some new blood. BMX Edge has been a large part of BMX in Australia since January 2008. Over the years we have meet some great people ans supported many events and riders. We currently are one of the largest supporters of BMX riders and events in Australia today and yet we are probably one of the smallest business in BMX. BMX Edge was born to put back into BMX and this has always been our vision. 


Now we have new projects and interests in the wind and the time and focus needed to keep BMX Edge moving forward. With our own BMX family growing up and moving on and continued health problems it has become time for us to look at letting someone else take over. 


This is a great opportunity for someone that is passionate about BMX to get in at ground level and build the brand to be their own. This is a great way to substitute and off set your passion and family travel to events. The business over the years paid for our family to be involved in the sport and travel. It also allowed us to give opportunities to many other riders not just in Australia but also in New Zealand, Europe and Thailand. We have made many life long friends along the way and we hope that someone may like to take up the challenge and enjoy what we have enjoyed over the last 12 years. 


Sale includes all stock on hand at time of sale as well as web site. 

Sale price will be negotiated at current wholesale value of stock on hand at time of sale. The business sale at stock value only is to give the new owner/s the opportunity to get on their feet as easily as possible. We may consider options to the right person/s depending on circumstances.


Please, no tyre kickers. If you do not have the ability to finance all or at least a good portion of the stock please do not waste your time or ours. This is already being offered at ground level entry into this industry.    


For more information please email