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Frames are available in Pink, Gold, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Black and White for just $799.00.

Or order your custom coloured Doublecross frame TODAY

We can custom colour your frame for an extra $89.00 or Anodise your frame for an extra $180.00.

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Here at Doublecross™ Bikes we have tapped into our extensive racing and fabrication background to provide the lightest and strongest frames available.  Our goal of bringing something different to the BMX community was the most important part of this process.  We decided to pay respect to an incredibly cool MODEL from many years ago, but install updates and changes to make our frame far better for TODAY'S BMX RACERS.  A decision was made to "BEEF UP" the most important part of the frame, the bottom bracket.  The Doublecross™ frame was designed to stop power robbing flex at the bottom bracket and increase POWER TRANSFER to the rear wheel.          
With our background of owning a fabrication/welding company for the last 20 years, we took what we have learned and used it to find the best possible manufacturing techniques available to deliver the highest level of quality frames and parts.  After our research, we feel we have the very best manufacturer available working with us.  Why reinvent the wheel?
Next, we used our extensive racing background to update the frames and simply make them better.  Bob was a top ranked National rider for most of his BMX career that spanned over 12 years, including 6 years riding for Coastal Bike Supply, helping to win 3 National Bike Shop titles.  After his 12 year BMX career, Bob went on to earn an AMA Professional Road Racing license.  Road Racing motorcycles is an incredible sport where 1 millimeter can make the difference between taking a second off a lap time or being "Flicked off" the motorcycle at over 140MPH.  Precision set up of the motorcycle is paramount.  All of this experience has been packed into our frame to produce the most responsive and best handling bike for YOU, the rider.  
Doublecross™ Bikes was able to tap into the Knowledge of Coastal Bike Supply to help with ideas for the production of the bicycle.  Coastal has been providing BMXers National trackside vending and helping BMXers go faster for over 30 years....NO ONE KNOWS BMX BETTER. 
Doublecross™ Bikes, where we the have the credentials to design/update and build better BMX frames and parts. 

Doublecross™ Bikes are built using the absolute highest quality, seamless 7000 series Aluminum tubing. Each Doublecross™ frame is HAND MANUFACTURED, 1 at a time, to our custom, patent pending designs and specifications. The next step for a Doublecross frame is heat treating and artificial aging of the metal to create the strongest and hardest alloy possible. 
Doublecross™ frames are available in 13 sizes from mini to Pro XXL, including 5 cruiser sizes (Junior,Expert, Pro, Pro XL and Pro XXL) . YOU will feel the difference when you ride a Doublecross™!  New Expert XXL has arrived, 20.5" Top Tube and designed to run 20x1.5 wheels All classic frames have V brake mounts, Euro bottom brackets, 100mm head tube length, and 3/8" drop outs
Micro 17.5": 2lb 3oz
Mini 18": 2lb 7oz
Junior 18.75": 2lb 7oz
Expert 19.5": 2lb 8.5oz
Expert XL20.25": 2lb 13oz
Exper XXL 20.5": 3lb 
Pro 21": 3lb 4oz
Pro XL 21.5": 3lb 5oz
Pro XXL 22": 3lb 7oz
Pro XXXL 23": 3lb 9oz