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Onyx 20mm Front Hub:  6.5oz
Thru-Bolt:  2.5oz

When choosing your colors please notee the following:

  1. Our White, Fluorescent & Candy colors are powder coated, so when choosing widget and axle colors be advised those parts are anodized.  There may be a variation in colors if you're trying to match.  e.g. Fluorescent Orange shell with orange widgets.
  2. 20mm forks from different manufacturers will require different thru bolt lengths, to accommodate this we include two spacers.  You may need them all or none!  Install thru bolt without spacer to see if it protrudes out other side of fork, if it does, use the appropriate number of spacers on bolt to set length to where it just sets inside fork dropout.  Install nut and check.

Onyx Through Axle Front Hub

Hole Configuration
Axle Size