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Silver Arrow Polish

Like the legendary Silver Arrow auto racers, gleaming aluminum BMX race frames have also become the stuff of bicycle legend.  And we`re carrying on that legend with our own polished race machine, built around a super stiff PF30 bottom bracket shell-the Staats Supermoto30 is the next legend you can race today.

The Staats Bloodline frame has a triple butted tubeing T7 for stiffness and durability.

Together with a PF30 bottom bracket to increase drive line stiffness and power transfer to the rear wheel, another added benefit of using a PF30 bottom bracket is a reduction in weight of up to 18%.  With the PF30 bottom bracket you can still run 24mm axle cranks as the frame is still compatible with all other 24mm crank axles. And to top it all off the rear drop outs are compatible with 10 and 20mm axles with the optional 20mm rear drop outs.

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STAATS Bloodline Frames (Supermoto30)

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