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We have some amazing Tempo and Onyx Ohm Wheel packages available from just $1510.00 (All rear carbon rims are supplied with a set of Carbon brake pads).


We thought if you are going to buy an awesome set of rims then why not match it with undoubtedly the best hubs in the market.


The Tempo Rim and Onyx Hub package makes sense as both are the Onyx hubs and the Tempo rims are they only package covered by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Our rim and hubs are available in a very large range of colour options, our rims are also made from only the best quality T800 Carbon carbon and can be in a 3k or 12K weave.


Our 20x1 1/8 and 20x1 3/8 Package includes the Onyx Ohm hub in 28 hole starting from just $1510.00. We use our 25mm low profile rim in this build and also available in a disc brake rear hub at no extra cost. These would have to be the lightest Carbon wheelsets available with an instant engagement hub available.


Onyx rear Ohm hubs are also available in Disc brake rear. Why not get yourself the Best and most reliable hub on the market that have been tested and proven by the worlds top riders, Onyx hubs are the preferred hub used by the World's best riders. Don't settle for imitations with limitations, only settle for the original and the Best!


We can even custom engrave your name or team logo into your hubs at no extra cost.Custom rim and decal colours available


We don't just claim to have the best rims and hubs. We know the Onyx Hub is the best, we know our rims are of the highest quality from the best manufactures of carbon products. That's why we are the ONLY Australian brand to stand behind our products with a 5 year written manufactures warranty.

Tempo BMX and Onyx OHM Wheel Sets