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Traditionally carbon rims have been made in a 38mm high profile, but ours will be in available in both 25mm and 30mm profile options. Why did we stop at a 25mm profile for our rims? simple after months of testing samples in a number of profiles including a low 23mm profile we found that any lower then a 25mm profile just did not last in the tests done by our engineers in Taiwan.


We have not taken on this project lightly, we want to supply a great product that will last the test of time and not just get a product out in the market just so we can be like the others and have a carbon rim. With this we will be offering the original purchaser a massive 5 year warranty on all Tempo BMX carbon rims, we believe we are the first in Australia to offer more that 2 years warranty on carbon rims..


We use T800 carbon, not T700 like so many others. Why do we use T800? simple, it does cost a little more but it is stiffer than T700. Our rims are also available in UD finish, 3k weave, 12K weave and twist style weaves. 


Available in 20x406 (20x1.75), 20x451 (20x 1 1/8-1 3/8), 24x507 (24x1.75) and 24x520 (20x 1 1/8-1 3/8) in both 28 and 36 hole options. Colours; gloss black/white decals, matt black/black decals and matt black/grey decals.




Tempo BMX carbon rims are coverd by a 5 year warranty from date of purchase.

Proof of purchase is required. For “rim only” sales a receipt of wheel building will also required from a fully qualified wheel builder. Rim only sales with warranty claims involving spoke nipple hole defects are subject to our discretion.


Rims must be built by a fully qualified professional wheel builder at your local bike shop and we need to see a receipt of wheel build.


Home built wheel = NO WARRANTY!


Warranty does not cover parts that have been incorrectly adjusted, installed, serviced.

Warranty does not cover damage sustained to parts used for applications beyond the scope of their intended design.


Warranty does not apply to damage related to a crash, impact, unauthorised alteration, abuse of product, and normal wear and tear, and wear.


Rim braking surfaces are warranted for 2 years against wear, and only if carbon rim brake pads have been used 100% of the products life (proof of purchase for brake pads will be required).


Warranty does not cover freight charges.


Warranty does not cover spokes broken from over tension, impact from any foreign object.


Running pressures above the recommended tyre pressure set manufacture voids warranty.


This includes tubes, tubeless and other systems.

Tempo BMX Carbon Rim